Contemplating the state response to the pandemic on the eve of the release of Health Communism

June 2022

On Eugenics and the Economic Valuation of Life.

May 2022

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but COVID isn’t going anywhere...

March 2022

A round up of Death Panel episodes examining the popular, proposed, health-finance reform through a political economy of health lens
Brief: How New CDC Guideline Changes to Community Transmission Levels are Already Impacting the Medically Vulnerable — 15 March 2022 Update

January 2022

We review the year in the U.S. covid response, and the profound miscalculations on the part of the government and the media that have played a direct…
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A brief argument for still giving a fuck about the pandemic.

December 2021

By popular demand the Panel weighs in on this year's highlights.
A Marxist approach to impairment, disablement, and chronic illness under capitalism
Trends, trads, and “ultras”; the three spirits of menswear (unceremoniously) laid to rest at the end of history...

November 2021

We must stop this trending healthcare “innovation” before it’s too late.

October 2021

Medicare Advantage is a fundamentally corrupt, parasitic institution. We must fully abolish the industry of private health insurance—severing the…